HSO Resources

Humane Society of the Ozarks actively works to overcome the challenges causing animals to be abandoned, abused and overpopulated in Northwest Arkansas. We believe the main causes are economic stress, lack of proper education in pet care and lack of informational resources.  In response to these challenges, we have created the following resource pages so pet owners have the ability to arm themselves with information:

Lost & Found: This page provides detailed instructions for those that have lost a pet or found a pet. These instructions are to facilitate a quick reunion between the pet and their owner. It also provides details about how to prevent your pet from becoming lost.  Click here to view this page.

Financial Aid: To assist low-income pet owners or those who are experiencing temporary financial difficulty – this page provides a list of programs and grants available to help pets stay with their owners and to help owners take care of their pets.  The links on this page are regularly monitored for any changes in qualifications or available funding. Click here to view this page.

Pet Owner Resources:  This page is a list of resources regarding health and behavioral matters for pet owners. In order to keep pets with their owners we would like to provide the owners with resources to help educate them and find solutions to problems commonly linked to relinquishment of pets.  Click here to view this page.

Paw Talk Blog:  This blog represents another educational source of information regarding a variety of topics affecting pet owners as well as addressing many animal welfare topics.  It also gives viewers a chance to voice their own opinions and experiences.  Click here to view this page.