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Preparing Your Pets For Winter

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Have you seen the weather forecasts for next week here in Northwest Arkansas? Baby, it’s going to be cold outside! Why not prepare some shelter for any outdoor cats in your neighborhood? We have some great tips and videos on easy, inexpensive shelters. All animals need shelter and of course we at HSO hope all your animals are inside where it is safe and warm at night. We do know there are neighborhood cats and other cats that primarily stay outside, though, and we have found a wide array of options for keeping them warm and dry. You also want to remember that these outdoor cats will consume more calories as they try to stay warm in the winter, so be …

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The Importance of Winter Care for Your Animals

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Tessa’s Tale Meet Tessa! This precious little girl’s life got off to a pretty rough start. She was found in January of 2014 (during a particularly cold period) on the side of the road. She was alone, half-frozen, and near death at only six-weeks old! Thanks to a Good Samaritan she was rescued and taken to a local veterinarian where she could be taken care of. It was there that it was discovered that she was suffering from frostbite on her ears and the tip of her tail. Frostbite can occur at (or just below) the freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit when an animal is exposed for more than a few minutes. The extremities, including the ears, toes, tails, …