Emergency Outreach Program

How We Can Help

Our emergency veterinary care vouchers provide assistance in obtaining basic veterinary care for pets of low income families. The program is designed to help low income families when their pet is ill or injured.  These vouchers are not for routine care such as shots or dental work. Animals can be taken to one of our participating veterinary clinics for evaluation and care. With the use of our vouchers, our participating vets have agreed to waive the basic examination fee and apply our voucher directly to the treatment of the pet. By providing assistance, we hope that more pets can be kept with their families rather than relinquished because the family couldn’t afford veterinary care.

What You Will Need:

Proof of HUD Low-Income Status, such as:

  • Disability check stub
  • Food stamp
  • WIC
  • Section 8 housing

Requirements & Guidelines

We issue a limited number of emergency vouchers per month. We need to ensure that each voucher is for an animal that is truly in need for the emergency voucher. If your animal is truly in need of an emergency voucher please click the 'Emergency Outreach Inquiry' button below to see if you qualify. Thank you so much for your understanding.

We operate on these special circumstance requests on a case by case basis. 

Our Partners

This program is, in part, funded by: