Senior Citizen Program


How Our Program Works:

We provide senior citizens of Northwest Arkansas who are going having difficulty in physically caring for their pets with the knowledge and resources to keep their animals with them and make arrangements for the long-term care of their pets. We furnish seniors with information regarding care facilities that allow pets, access to pet sitters, dog walkers and volunteers that can help them care for their pets. We also provide counseling regarding future placement to prevent these pets from winding up in shelters in the case their owners become unable to care for them. 

Pet Friendly Senior Citizen Living Centers

Below is a list of pet friendly senoir citizen living centers:

Highland Crossing 

Location:  Bella Vista, Arkansas (1801 Forest Hills Blvd)  |  Phone:  (479) 855-5858

Pet Policy: *No noisy pets.

Pet Deposit:  n/a

Peach Tree Village

Location:Farmington, Arkansas (55 West Rainsong Street)  |  Phone:  (479) 267-3335

Pet Policy:  Animals must be under 25 pounds and relatively quiet.  They must be potty trained and current on vaccinations.

Pet Deposit: n/a

Clarity Point (Memory Care Assisted Living)

Location:  Fayetteville, Arkansas (1967 Truckers Drive)  |  (479) 442-2011

Pet Policy:  *Must obtain approval by manager.  Approval is dependent upon level of health condition of resident and behavior of animal.

Pet Deposit:  n/a

Culpepper Place

Location:  Fayetteville, Arkansas (4461 North Crossover Road)

Phone: (479) 443-1908

Location:  Springdale, Arkansas (672 Jones Road)

Phone: (479) 306-4191   

E-Mail Contact:

Pet Policy:  “We recognize that pets may be an important part in the life of a client, and separation may have negative reactions. Certain pet relationships may be permitted to continue in the community. However, the community does not permit dogs, wild or exotic animals, ferrets, turtles, or cats less than four months of age. Clients must always be capable of caring for their pets. In the event a pet dies, we request that it not be replaced. Pet requests must be reviewed and approved by the Community Director. Specific rules and requirements have been established and will be reviewed prior to admission if you have an interest in keeping a pet in your apartment. A non-refundable pet deposit is required. Pets are required to have health records and currents vaccination records that are kept in the Wellness office with annual physicals.”

*Only 1 animal is allowed and it must be under 15 pounds.  If the resident were to be moved to skilled nursing care they would not be allowed to keep their pet with them and would need to make other plans for their pet.

Pet Deposit:  $1,000 (non-refundable)

Peachtree Village

Locations:  Fort Smith, Arkansas (1500 Fresno Street)  |  Phone:  (479) 785-5544

Pet Policy:  Animals must be under 25 pounds and relatively quiet.  They must be potty trained and current on vaccinations.

Pet Deposit: n/a

*please note these policies may change at anytime without notice to our organization. We do not set any policies for any living centers listed on our site.